Moving forward without a purpose.

Honestly there hasn’t been a day that goes by that you haven’t somehow been on my mind. In fact it is these thoughts of you that play a huge part in dictating the outcome of my life. 

I’m gonna make it.

Why don’t you come on over and back into my arms already?

It is getting easier….I mean I don’t cry anymore when you happen to cross my mind but it still hurts..I just can’t believe it ended the way it did…The world truly is an interesting place to live seriously anything could happen. 

I’m sad but I don’t know why.

You are extremely forgetful, unlike you I don’t give up when things go bad and focus on the good rather then the bad. Thinking about it I don’t think you deserved how much I put into “us” but then again that’s my problem sometimes I put too much into things that shouldn’t matter so much. What can I say I work with what I have and If that’s not enough for you I feel ashamed for even giving it to you because at the end of the day you lost and I won..,but that’s your problem 

I was always your second option nws.

you’ve become so
damaged, that when
someone wants to
give you, what you
you have no idea,
how to respond. 

(Source: itsonlyyforever)

You enjoy knowing how much it hurts me…

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